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Team Workshop



A management team needs time and scope to grow. In our deadlocked and civilized workday routine this is only possible in a very restricted way. At your workshop participants develop the goals and get to know themselves and their behaviour patterns through a practical exercise in nature.
 Team Workshop

They form their team processes and create alternative behavior patterns and solutions for everyday life. The team recognizes its possibilities! Only the frank dealing with uncertainties, feelings and conflicts creates the breeding-ground for a productive team development. During your workshop the managers should be actively coached by the trainers. Reflection and transfer ensure that the skills discovered and practised out in the open deliver tangible benefits even in everyday life.



  • Nature is in contrast (in an unorthodox way) to workaday life and creates a motivating situation with a
    high intensity. It arouses associations such as leisure time, vacation, diversion, experience, fun,
    adventure. It brings about a positive fundamental attitude among participants supporting the openness
    for self- reflection and processes of change. A personal development in which everyone experiences
    himself, proves himself and changes himself.

  • As an unusual field of activity nature enables unusual learning experiences in a neutral, risk free
    atmosphere. Decisions are taken in a quick and unbureaucratic way – even beyond hierarchies.

  • Nature is direct, genuine and earnest.

  • Intellect, experience and action are activated likewise, body and mind are sought after. Nature offers
    a complex, integrated learning arrangement with high intensity. The learning targets are established
    at a cognitive, affective, social and motor level at the same time.

  • In nature communication and team situations are turned into playful metaphors. Professional problem
    definitions are illustrated congruently in the workshop ("isomorphism"). The diagnosis of engraved
    behaviour patterns creates the base for action-oriented learning.

  • Perception of essential aspects is sharpened - less is often more!

  • Training situations in nature have a high memo value which also works weeks after the training.

  • Nature exemplifies change to us! This creates a positive climate for changes.

  • The immediate experience "Africa" conveys an appreciative reference to nature to participants,
    coupled with respect for all living creatures.